Sobre Nosotras
One of my earliest childhood memories is crawling through racks of vintage clothing at local thrift stores with my mother. It's a shopping ritual that I think leads me to my love and adoration for fashion. The clothes that wrapped around me as I ran under the shelves of hanging textures, colors and smells from Grandma's attic were unique. Hong Kong Garden is a brand created by women who seek to offer highly wearable pieces at incredible prices. Our garments can be described as elegant and minimalist, but more importantly, they are garments that tell a story.

Today we have hundreds of brand options, even more, counting the multiple online stores. We seek to offer the excitement of finding a unique piece that you know no one else will be wearing.Vintage garments maintain individualism, while also offering affordable access to classic designer brands. Buying second-hand items is also profitable, favors quality over quantity, and also encourages sustainability.

In recent years, buying second hand has become more exciting and convenient than ever. Thrift store hunting takes time, patience, and dedication to spot the perfect item from tons of clothing. At Hong Kong Garden we are excited to select unique pieces that you can browse from the comfort of your mobile.
Hong Kong Garden also offers its garments through our Instagram account, where you can buy with a simple direct message. From the coolest cotton sweaters to cashmere sweaters, Colbert jackets and bolero jackets from the 80s and 90s. Our affordable silk cotton kimonos and haoris jewelry. @Hongkongarden pieces sell out fast so fingers have to be ready to be the first to send a DM.
And the most important for us; lend a hand to the NGO "El Encinar de Mambré" helping women and children with few resources and with children with different abilities.

Hong Kong Garden